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Canine Papilloma Virus Treatment

The Canine Papilloma Virus, more commonly referred to as dog warts, has unfortunately become more present over the last few years. For years this unfortunate canine condition went without a name and awareness, but today, dog owners are more aware of these sometimes painful sores and how to get rid of them and prevent them. There continues to be research to improve the understanding of the Canine Papilloma Virus and possible treatments.
For now, the overwhelming response is that Dog Wart Help does help! Dog warts are like human warts and are caused by viruses. In order to get rid of warts the body must create anti-bodies to the virus. The most important thing for our furry friends to allow their bodies to do this is to BOOST THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS… Simple as that!
Get Dog Wart Help today to start boosting your buddy’s immune system and fighting warts!

2 Responses to “Canine Papilloma Virus Treatment”

  1. Katherine says:

    About a month ago I found one on the inside of my dogs upper lip and a week or so later it broke and I thought it was going to go away. Well, not only has it grown back, but its spread to his lower lip. The cluster on his lower lip is spreading much more rapidly. I have a pug/beagle mix who is about 2.5 years old. He is fully up to date on shots/vaccines, but as a pup underwent surgery at UPENN for a liver shunt so he had a rough 1st year. Any recommendations?

  2. Steve says:

    I have a 10+ yr old cocker-poo that has CPV to the extent that he will soon need to be put down, I was wondering if anybody has any info about current scientific research being done on the Virus. I would much rather donate him to science than to destroy an otherwise fine dog because his skin is broken. He might be a valuable tumor factory if there is anyplace that would adopt him.

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